What are the Grounds on which the Price of a Product Depends in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

In pharmaceutical marketing, Government of India has laid various norms related to pack­aging, labeling, distribution etc. So it has necessary to exploit the residual degree of free­dom up to maximum extent. To make strategic decision regarding price it is obvious to explain the various factors such as pricing objectives, pricing decisions, bases of pricing, pricing […]

Useful Notes on “Interim Dividend”– Companies Act, 1956

The board may from time to time pay to the members such interim dividends as appear to it to be justified by the profits of the company. An interim dividend is only a payment on account of the whole dividend for the year. If the working of the whole year results in loss, payment of […]

What are the Product Policy and Product Strategy of Pharmaceutical Marketing?

If we again look at Boston matrix here: 1) Products with high market share with low growth represents today’s profit earners i.e. cash caws. 2) Product with high market share with high growth leads to high profit earner in tomorrows potential market i.e. stars. 3) Product with high growth rate but low market share is […]

6 Legal Provisions Regarding the Payment of Dividend (as per Companies Act 2006)

But in no case shareholders can increase the amount. Usually, dividend is declared at the annual general meeting. But a company which has not declared dividend at an annual general meeting may do so at a subsequent general meeting. A company which has declared dividend at a general meeting is not permitted to declare dividend […]

9 Formats Used for the Preparation of Marketing Report for Pharmaceutical Marketing in India

Having decided to the format to be used in research report, the researcher has how to pre­pare the report outline in accordance with the format A typical outline based on the reporter logical format as follows:- 1) Title Page: The title page should indicate the topic on which the report has been prepared it the […]

Remuneration of a Company Direct in India as per the Companies Act 1956)

In any case, his remuneration shall not exceed 5% of the net profits of the company. In case the number of such directors is more than one, the remuneration shall not exceed 10% of the net profits for all of them taken together [Sec. 309 (3)]. A director, who is not a whole time or […]

3 Pricing Strategies Used in Pharmaceutical Market­ing in India

Torrent pharmaceutical Ltd a Gujarat based pharmaceutical company has their brand Hexidol well settled in market. Hexidol has been used as an anti-psychotic drug containing Halo- peridol molecule. In open market its price per strip of 10 tablets is Rs 30. But for the sake of bulk purchase order by any hospital or institute they […]

4 Major Basis of Pricing in Pharmaceutical Marketing in India

Demand based pricing fluctuated with respect changes in demand. It is based on market realities and is successful in price sensitive and demand elastic market. This method is rarely used because of its own limitations as price sensitivity and demand elasticity has been seldom fallen in same places. 3. Market based pricing: Market based pricing […]

Provision of Penalty to the Director of a Company when he fails to Distribute Dividends within 30 Days

However, no offence shall be deemed to have been committed in the following cases: (1) Where the dividend could not be paid by reason of the operation of any law; (2) Where a shareholder has given directions to the company regarding the payment of the dividend and those directions cannot be complied with; (3) Where […]

4 Types of New Product Adoption Process in Pharmaceutical Marketing

A suitable example of this of Cipla Ltd. as they are having optimum market share in anti-asthmatic segment and also dominates anti-bacterial market. Then they have analyzed product portfolio and had decided to enter into the anti – HIV market, which is fastest growing market. Now Cipla is offering a triple drug regime at very […]