7 Important Effects of Science and Technology on Social Life

People living in the cities do not have personal and primary relations with each other They have now secondary relations. Role of Family has changed. Joint family system has come to an end. (iii) Mechanized way of Life: The development in science and technology has mechanized the life of the people. These have made the […]

What are the Four Mixed Types of Political Cultures?

1. The Parochial-Subject Culture, 2. The Subject-Participant Culture, 3. The Parochial-Participant Culture, and 4. The Civic Culture (It combines all characteristics of all three ‘pure’ types- Parochial-Subject-Participant Political Cultures.) Political Cultures have been classified by several other political scientists-into several other types: (1) Civic Culture: It characterises developed societies like the American society, in which […]

Article on “Political Culture”

The concept of Political Culture has been formulated for this purpose. Davies and Lewis write: “Political Systems operate within the frame-work of a set of meanings and purposes-the political culture of the society.” The study of politics can never be complete and real without studying it in relation with its political culture. This necessity has […]

Essay on the History of Globalization in India

In our country, the decision to adopt a mixed economic model was taken and ownership and control over key industries was entrusted to the public sector. Even insurance and banking were nationalised for securing a better mobilisation of resources, and consequently for rendering better services to the people. State regulation of economy and industry was […]

Useful Notes on the Changing Character of Political Elites

A change in values of a society always produces a change in the elite structure. Further, elites in the modern times have to “assume a broader complexion to include not only those who are at the top but also those who constitute the strata of society from which leaders usually emerge.” The nature of elites […]

How Globalisation Affects the Role and Functions of a State?

In fact, the process of globalisation involves a change in the role of the state. However, this does not in any way mean re-adoption of Laisses faire or reversion to the principle of police state. It stands for liberalization of society .politics and economy from all unnecessary and unproductive restraint. It stands for neither the […]

14 Common Features of Elitist Theory of Society

(3) Almost all the elite theorists agree that elite is subject to change in every society. This has been described by many as the “Circulation of Blite.” (4) Elite theory advocates the view that democracy is in the ultimate form an ‘Oligarchy‘. (5) Every segment of social relationship is dominated by elite. (6) Elite theory […]

Classification of Political Elites into Three forms (Traditional, Aristocratic and the New Elites)

Princes, Zamindars, religious leaders are the examples of traditional elites. Even in contemporary times, when secularism has come to be universally accepted as a value, religious leaders continue to act as elite groups in almost all the societies, e.g. Buddhist monks are playing a key role in the ethnic crises of Sri Lanka. In Islamic […]

How Science and Technology affect all aspects of social life? – Explained!

The Industrial Revolution was the result of the development of science and technology. The process of industrialisation brought into being into the factory system of production of goods and the processes of urbanisation and the growth of more and more new cities. This in turn led to the development of new ways of life in […]

Essay on Interest / Pressure Groups

Interests so understood usually have an economic- political character. On the basis of this view, we can say that pressure groups are interest groups because they are organised on the basis of common interests of the members and because they are always at work to secure or promote-their interests. They are called Pressure Groups because […]