What are the Sentencing Powers of Various Criminal Courts in India?

The various sentences which the different Courts are empowered to pass under the Criminal Procedure Code may be summarised as follows: Name of CourtSentences which it may pass 1. High Court 2. Sessions Judge or Additional Sessions Judge 3. Assistant Sessions Judge 4. Chief Judicial Magistrate or Chief Metropolitan Magistrate 5. First Class Magistrate or […]

What are the Functions of the Metropolitan Magistrates’ Courts in India?

If requested by the Central or State Government, the High Court may confer on any person who holds (or has held) any post under the Government, all or any of the powers conferred on a Metropolitan Magistrate, in respect of particular cases, or a particular class of cases, or cases generally. Such Magistrates are known […]

7 Main Limitations of Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Those are measured in our example 25, 20, 15 and so on. But utility is a subjective concept. It is not objective like a matter in the laboratory. It is a short of feeling and introspection. How can we measure feeling by giving number. This appears to be impossible. (2) Abnormal persons: The law is […]

Useful Notes on “Liberalism”–Idea, Origin, Evolution and Basic Features

While classical liberals conceived of state as hindrance of hindrances, contemporary liberals acknowledge concerns that go beyond pure individualism. However, it should not have been observed as a single comprehensive doctrine, rather there have arisen a number of off shoots. Origin and Evolution: The word liberalism has Latin root liber which means liberty. But as […]

What are the Functions of Judicial Magistrates’ Courts in India?

Special Judicial Magistrates may also be appointed by the High Court, if a request to this effect is received from the Central or State Government. Such an appointment can, however, be made for a term not exceeding one year at a time. Subject to the control of the High Court, the Chief Judicial Magistrate may, […]

Essay on the Resurgence of Political Theory

Theorists such as Michael Walzer, Michael Sandel, Alistair Maclntyre and Charles Taylor belong to this school. They reject the liberal conception of individuated self and hold that self is part of social relations in which he/she is embedded, Michael Sandel-Liberealism and the limits of justice. Maclntye- after vireture 2. Post modernism: It got genesis in […]

6 Most Important Assumptions on which the Diminishing Marginal Utility Law is based

(2) Consumption must be continuous: If a person takes one glass of sarabat in the morning and other glass in the evening the law will not operate. There should be no time lag between the consumption of the units of the commodity. (3) The consumer must be a normal one: The law assumes that the […]

Essay on the Relevance of Marxism in the 21st Century

It has been alleged that Marxism is essentially based on class analysis. But, today there are complex, multiple and even overlapping identities that demands tools and techniques beyond those offered by Marxism. These points have been raised by genesis of post-structuralism/post modernist framework of political analysis. They decry the ideal of universalism and foundationalism having […]

4 Advantages of the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Adam Smith was perplexed to know why water which is so very essential to life has low or no price and diamond which is an inessential object has high price. This water diamond Paradox he could not solve. But Marshall with the analysis of Marginal Utility solved this Paradox. The price of commodity is not […]

What are the Functions of Public Prosecutors in India?

For this purpose, the District Magistrate has to prepare a Panel of names who are, in his opinion, fit to be appointed as Public Prosecutors, or Additional Public Prosecutors, for that district. This list is to be prepared in consultation with the Sessions Judge, and no person can be appointed to this post unless his […]