Short Essay on the Emergence of Journalism during Augustan Age

Fielding, the famous novelist of his age, wrote in the two journals called The True Patriot and The Jacobite Journal and later issued his own journal called The Covent Garden Journal. Steele published a large number of his essays in his journal called The Tatler, and Addison published a large number of his essays in his own journal called The Spectator. Defoe established his own periodical called The Review and started his literary career by writing articles in that periodical. The writings published in these journals were not all of the same type.

Some of them were in the form of political attacks or defences, some in the form of philosophical speculations, some in the form of narratives and some others in the form of personal experiences.

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But they were all intended to be something which was short but yet sufficiently enlivening for those educated readers who expected something new every week or fortnight. In short, it was during this period that journalistic writing distinguished itself as an independent variety of English.