What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of “Mobile Advertising”? – Explained!

Advantages of Mobile Advertising:

Cost Efficiency in Delivery- Large number of mobile users.

Personalization of message.

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SMS messages are less intrusive than the phone calls.

Place and time independence.

Direct response.

Instant access to further information.

Cost-effective compared to direct sales.

If outsourced, set up cost is minimal.

Disadvantages of Mobile Advertising:

An increasing number of people are averse to telemarketing.

More people are using technology to screen out unwanted callers.

Government is implementing tougher measures to curb unscrupulous telemarketers.

If outsourced, there is lesser control in the process given that the people doing the calls are not your employees.

May need to hire a professional to prepare a well-crafted and effective script.