What are the Functions of Judicial Magistrates’ Courts in India?

Special Judicial Magistrates may also be appointed by the High Court, if a request to this effect is received from the Central or State Government. Such an appointment can, however, be made for a term not exceeding one year at a time.

Subject to the control of the High Court, the Chief Judicial Magistrate may, from time to time, define the local limits of the area within which Magistrates may exercise their powers under this Code. Unless otherwise specified, the jurisdiction and powers of every Magistrate extends throughout the entire district.

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It is also provided that every Chief Judicial Magistrate is subordinate to the Sessions Judge, and every other Judicial Magistrate is subordinate to the Chief Judicial Magistrate. It is for the Chief Judicial Magistrate to make rules for the distribution of business amongst the Judicial Magistrates subordinate to him.